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Post by Admin on Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:41 pm

Hello all  Smile ,

This is the CILS Forum by Thinktivity

CILS stand for Communicative Interactive Learning Schoolhouse, and we hope anyone with any question at all could get it solved!

What we hope to achieve with this is to help students and children answer their own questions, whether it is maths, science, economics, to social problems.

Just post it here and we'll answer it within a day - we have men and women from different walks of life with different expertise and talents managing this of forum at 24/7*.

Please don't use profanity and attack anyone.

New users can register at the top of the page - if you do want to ask a potentially embarrassing question, feel free to use an alias.

Thank you!  Very Happy

(*That's an exaggeration, but we will respond as soon as we see your message.)


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